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Company NameSanMax Technologies Inc.
Office7-2, Nihonbashi, Kodenmacho, Chuo-ku, TOKYO 103-0001, JAPAN
Tel. +81-3-5652-1571/Fax. +81-3-5652-1574
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Capital130 million YEN
EstablishedSeptember 4, 2001
Type of BusinessManufacturing of Memory module
Manufacturing of System board
Sales of Computer peripheral device
Executive OfficersExecutive Chairman : Takehiko Wakayama
President & CEO : Hitoshi Aizawa
Executive Vice President : Tsuyoshi Saito
Senior Managing Director : Atsuya Otake
Auditor : Yutaka Kadoi
Operating officer : Hisashi Sakai
Operating officer : Takahiro Igushi
Operating officer : Taichi Nakagome


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Our mission is to offer “The perfect match for customer’s needs”.
We integrate 3 great components which are “Speed” “High quality” and “Cost”.

We suppose to exceed a simple material supply maker and “We want to be the best partner for our customer”.


Try to provide quick service with our thorough speed management to customers.

High Quality

We would like to provide the perfect products and service to take advantage of our Technology / Experience / Knowledge.


We would like to provide Low cost with keep the quality from our past best practice and streamlining management.


SanMax Technologies Inc.

7-2, Nihonbashi, Kodenmacho, Chuo-ku, TOKYO 103-0001, JAPAN
Tel. +81-3-5652-1571/Fax. +81-3-5652-1574

Transportation Line Station Exit Time required (walk)
Tokyo Metro Subway Hibiya Kodenmacho 2 1minutes
JR JR Keihin touhoku
JR Yamanote
JR Chuou
Kanda South 10minutes
JR Soubu Shinnihonbashi 5 7minutes
Bakurocho 2 7minutes
Toei Subway Shinjuku Bakuroyokoyama 2 7minutes
Iwamotocho A4 7minutes
Asakusa Higashinihonbashi 2 7minutes

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